Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ahhhh .... it's been a long time and I'm ashamed! Nevertheless I'm ready to gather as many cute looks as possible! 

During my holiday break a friend and I had a long drawn out discussion over yellow weddings that have a touch of black. As an artistic individual who loves to put creative looks together I'd have to say yellow weddings are quite the challenge. It's really difficult to use a bright color like yellow and not get carried away with having your wedding look tacky! And even though I'm not a big fan of using the color black in a wedding, I can understand how incorporating the color black with certain colors like yellow adds a classic look to what might turn out to be a CRAYOLA event. 

Always think "LESS IS MORE!" And if you feel like you're over doing it ... you probably are!
Enjoy the looks!


This napkin setting as bow adds a lot personality to the table. You can even customize it with some rhinestones depending on how glam you want to go!

I love this pebbled table cloth. It adds style and texture!

.... whimsical seat cover in BLACK.

 ...... a little bit of lighting always adds elegance to any room!

I wouldn't use these masculine seat covers and I would definitely add more design to the centerpiece but they have the right idea! 


I would possibly add some tall baroque vases or tall black opaque glass candelabras down the aisle rather than the brown blocks used in this photo. And white plastic chairs are definitely a no no! You can always add seat covers to give the chairs more warmth. 

... the fabulous canary

 valentino bow wrap pumps




emilio pucci

marchesa flower dress

marchesa gown

asos feather clutch

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