Thursday, December 23, 2010


Each year my mom and I buy a few ornaments to add to our collection. Over the years I've learned that ornament shopping takes a lot of skill. Here are some rules I've picked up on over the years. (Thanks MOM ;0)!)

1.The trick to ornament shoppings is buying a select few each year. Don't go crazy and spend thousands of dollars on ornaments. You will hurt your bank account and you'll have a panic attack when you see your bill in January. 

2. Don't be afraid to splurge on a few piece that will give your tree the WOW factor. 

3. Buy your ornaments BEFORE the month of December (these are the WOW pieces that will be gone before you know it) or AFTER Christmas where you'll save over 40% on ornaments for the year to come. 

4. Don't worry if you see things that don't go with your color scheme if you find something on SALE ... you'll start building your next theme as you accumulate these pieces. 

5. Last but not least gather together with your family, divide the tasks that are entailed to getting that sucker up ... and enjoy the bonding experience with some eggnog or glass of wine! 

Here's how our Christmas tree turned out this year! (Well one side of it that is!) 

Lights off...

 Lights on....

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